23 March 2013

Tichy Trains Scale Nuts-Bolts-Washers (NBW) and Rivets.

The Tichy Train Group in the US produce a very nice range of NBWs and rivets. Brunel Hobbies stocks most of these - see our Tichy Trains web page for details.

DCC Sound - Tony's Dream (TDS) Speakers

We now stock a range of Tony's Dream Speakers and Enclosures. These are arguably the best speakers for DCC sound.

The photo is of the 0.5" (12.7mm) speaker which is the smallest speaker in the range. 

See our website for details.

22 March 2013

Trainbuilder Locomotives - Available from Brunel Hobbies

Trainbuilder VR X Class

Victorian Railways X Class G16C Diesel Locomotive - HO Scale.
All brass construction. Directional LED lighting. Fine-scale blackened wheels. Quality Canon motor. Prototype paint and lettering - VR and V/Line. All six locomotive numbers. Fully detailed cab.
Available Numbers and versions are: X33 (1st series, VR), X34 (1st series VR), X35 (1st series VR), X32 (1st series V/Line), X34 (1st series V/Line), X39 (2nd series VR), X40 (2nd series VR), X44 (2nd series V/Line), X48 (3rd series VR). 

Our price $1185 - you save $35 if you pick it up from the shop (normally $25 postage).

Trainbuilder Tulloch Rail Car (DRC)

Tulloch Diesel Rail Car (DRC) - VR, V/Line and NSWGR - HO Scale.All brass construction. Minimum radius - 914mm (36 inches). Directional LED headlights. Workin g marker lights. Mashima motor. Fully detailed and lit interior. Finescale blackened wheels. All four VR DRC numbers, three V/Line DRC numbers and DRC43 in Vicrail teacup livery. NSWGR 1200 class PCH. 

Our price $1185 - you save $35 if you pick it up from the shop (normally $25 postage).

Contact Brunel Hobbies by SMS 0401 645 482

You can now contact us by SMS and we can contact you when your order arrives if you leave your mobile number with us!

20% Off Clearance Sale

23 January 2013

Special - Powerline Locomotives - $20 Off

All Powerline Locomotives are now $275 reduced from $295!
For a full list of Locomotives available see Brunel Hobbies Powerline web page.

NSW N Scale Locomotives & Hoppers On Special

NSWGR Class 48 N Scale locomotives from Gopher Models are on Special while stocks last. These have been reduced from $230 to $184 - a substantial saving!

See Gopher Models for a full list and photos of the locomotives available.

A full range of NSWGR Hoppers from Gopher Models are also on Special. They have been reduced from $192 to $163.20 for a pack of five (5)!

See Gopher Models for a full list and photos of the wagons available.

All Gopher Models Locomotives and wagons are equipped with Micro-Trains Magne-Matic couplers.